Standard System

The MASTER standard systems are no longer available. Only the portable MPAS sytems are sold at this time. However, if you have previously obtained a MASTER standard system, this can be upgraded with the new Multi-Master software which allows for many new types of stimuli, new types of non-frequency specific screening stimuli, and derived band procedures. For a description of the Multi-MASTER software download the manual.For More Information (Click to download PDF files)

Portable MPAS System

The MASTER portable amplifier system (MPAS) is research based data collection system which was designed to be powerful, flexible, and truly portable. The MPAS system includes 2-channels of audio output, one channel EEG (additional channels are available at additional cost), and software modules for data collection and analysis. The MPAS and standard MASTER system are the only ASSR systems currently available which allow the user to store the raw data for later review. The Multi-MASTER software allows for many new types of ASSR stimuli to be easily created for new applications such as ASSR screening. Further, new programs for physiological tests (e.g., tests related to gap detection, speech discrimination) are being developed and should be made available soon to MASTER users.

The portable MASTER systems are for research purposes only and are cleared by the CSA for medical safety (for FDA cleared clinical MASTER systems see Each MPAS system is tested by the Canadian Standards Agency and must pass the safety test for a Class-3 medical device (CSA's highest rating). Because the MPAS runs on a laptop computer, and only runs when the laptop is not plugged in, the leakage current characteristics are not really an issue, however, as stated, each MPAS is certified anyway.

The research-based systems are intended for scientists and clinicians who will be using these system for studies which will be published. Because only a limited number of research systems will be made available, preference will be given to people with a history of publication.

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The protable MPAS system comes with:
  • MASTER data collection and Review software (portable version, can be upgraded to Multi-MASTER portable software)
  • Hardware lock for printer port
  • EEG amplifier (CSA approved for human use), including computer controlled gain and filter settings
  • 2 channel audio amplifiers with audio connectors and computer controlled gain
  • 2 internal batteries for 4-6 hours of testing and battery charger

The portable MPAS systems are for use with a user supplied laptop computer. The laptop must be a pentium 800 or higher with at least 128 Meg RAM. The user must also supply:
  • Headphones or Insert Earphones (50 ohm)
  • PCIMIA-DAQ data acquisition card from National Instruments (6062e)
  • DAQ Scuzzi II connection cable

Price List and Documentation

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