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Uses of ASSR
Shiva Prasad Boddupally
Posted on 07/17/07 23:09:38
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Posted: Wed Mar 21, 2007 6:37 am    Post subject: Uses of ASSR      


Two days back i was in one workshop here (INDIA).... We had discussion on ASSR topic... and the final conclusion of ASSR is.... "Best tool for Screening". Is this is usefull for only for Screening purpose???

I Read many articles on hearing aid selection using assr (Aided ASSR).. and there were (in the conference) people... who said.... with hearing aid they got very good responses but behriourly.... they couldn observe any improvement in the children...... and the final conclusion was.... its of verly little use in hearing aid selection too.....

Can any one tell me..... other than threshold estimation (frequency specific)... wat are the other uses of ASSR???? and what do you think of responses with heairng aid (aided ASSR)????....


Shiva Prasad


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